Blazing Bilby and the Ratbird Rumble

Ratbird Rumble features the adventures of Blaze "Blazing" Bilby and his quest to save his endangered marsupial family and the Bilby Hillock from the menacing clutches of the misguided Quokka, Ratbird. Read along as Blaze learns about ancient mystical recipes for creating powerful Mallow Magic for defeating the Hillock's menacing foes.

Will Blaze's ingenuity be enough to stop Ratbird from creating havoc on the paddocks of Peltbottom Farm? Will Blaze survive the claws of fireball-breathing birds and foil Ratbird's nefarious plots and schemes? Read Blazing Bilby in Ratbird Rumble to find out.

Check back in 2017 for more adventures with Blaze and his friends in the Mallow Magic Mysteries series!

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